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About The Postcards Project

This is a community that is connecting people by writing postcards. Here you can be either a postcard reader or a postcard writer!

At its core, the Postcards Project is very simple: people writing postcards to other human beings around the world to spread the messages.

In addition, the Postcards Project is also a music collaboration with artists from different countries which is presented in various configurations.

The premiere of the Postcards Project took place in 2018 in Mexico, Poland and New York.

During concerts we give away postcards where you can write whatever you want to someone you know or to a completely strange person. It doesn’t matter if it's just a few words, poetry, song lyrics or a drawing. The most important thing is that your message is a gift.

Postcards are designed by artists such as Grażyna Maria Grobelna (Poland) and Julia Jasiczak (India), and Sijya Gupta (India). 

Postcards Project was born in New York City when Karolina Beimcik- violinist and vocalist- from Poland and Jatziri Gallegos -vocalist- from México started to arrange the songs of the music that have built their musical identity. The music of their countries has been the inspiration for this project and the language of jazz has been the platform to express the message they want to transmit. The Postcards Project is an intercultural sonic encounter.