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The Mexican edition of Postcards Project was a collaboration between Mexican vocalist, Jatziri Gallegos and Polish vocalist and violinist, Karolina Beimcik.
The artists had the opportunity to study together in New York, where they met while studying at the jazz department. Each of them has her own style, charisma and has been developing their respective & unique sound for many years.
During conversations they found out that both of them are fascinated by discovering the music of other cultures. They decided to share their experiences and create a project that would express it.
Postcards are cards written from various places, short stories describing a given moment. The Postcards Project are like these short, personal stories in a shape of musical pictures.
The project contains original musical pieces inspired by Mexican paintings, arrangements of songs reaching deeply Mexican and Polish cultures and these written by selected artists associated with both countries.
Two voices are complemented by the delicate sound of the electric guitar of the talented musician, Rafał Sarnecki and the acoustic tone of Karolina's violin, which allows an unusual combination of musical depth and emotion, making the project sentimental and unique.


The Embassy of Poland in Mexico City was taken with the idea of the Postcards Project and supported the project through the Polish Cultural Institute and were gracious in funding parts of the concert. It also happened to be the 19th anniversary of Mexico-Polish cultural relations, which provided a nice setting to the concert.


The New York edition was a collaborative event with Zorya and the ZIEMIA project – a multidisciplinary public art project created in collaboration with The Polish Cultural Institute of New York  and NYC Parks and Greenpoint residents.
The core object takes the form of a ceramic orb by Greenpoint-based artist Martynka Wawrzyniak in a meadow in McGolrick Park, that was unveiled on June 9, 2018. The sculpture served as a collective portrait of the diverse Greenpoint community. It is glazed with a mixture of clay excavated in Greenpoint and soils contributed by participating residents from places that are symbolically representative of their identities, including: the United States, Poland, Ukraine, Germany, France, Japan, Serbia, Nepal, the United Kingdom, Ecuador, Mexico, and Namibia. The project includes many Poles who have lived in Greenpoint for generations.

WARSAW- 20 MAY 2018